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Are you struggling to fit all your product’s essential information onto a tiny label? If yes, then a multi-layer/double-sided sticker is the perfect solution for you.  These labels are also called “peel-and-reveal stickers” or “sandwich labels”. You can peel off the top layer to reveal more information on the layers underneath.

This article will guide you on all the types, uses, and benefits of multi-layer stickers. We will also guide you with a reliable source  to buy these stickers. But Before we can dive into the details, we need to take a closer look at what multi-layer stickers are and how they work.

What is a Multi-layered/Double-sided sticker?

Multi-layer stickers, as the name suggests, are a type of sticker that consists of two or more layers. The top layer peels off to reveal a secondary layer of information underneath. The sticker can have many layers added between the top and bottom layers. The printing on these layers can be on a single side or both sides, creating double-sided layers.

The design of these stickers provides durability, enhanced visual appeal, and extra space. The layers bond together to create cohesive and long-lasting stickers. This durability makes them popular for various applications like product labelling and packaging.

There are many printing companies that provide customers with customised labels. We will talk about where you can get grade A quality stickers from latter in this guide. 

Now that we know what multi-layer/double-sided stickers are, let’s look at some of their uses.


Uses of Multi-layered/Double-sided stickers.

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers are a game changer. Multi-layer stickers can help you follow legal requirements and add branding elements. The greatest advantage of using multi-layer stickers is the extra space they provide. 

You can use multi-layer/double-sided stickers for all types of products and purposes. Let’s look at some common uses of multi-layer/double-sided stickers.

1. Product labelling: 

Many companies use multi-layer/double-sided stickers to label their products.  You can add important information, such as product names, ingredients, and usage instructions. The peel-off feature allows for easy removal of the top layer. The bottom layer reveals extra information or warnings.

2. Promotional materials:

These stickers are popular for promotional materials such as flyers, posters, and brochures. You can print different designs and graphics on each layer. This customizability helps to create a unique and eye-catching promotional sticker.

3. Packaging:

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers are often used for packaging cosmetics, food, beverages, and more. Companies use stickers to display important information. This includes expiry dates, nutrition information, shipping details, and more. Multi-layer/double-sided stickers also provide a decorative element to the package.

4. Events and exhibitions:

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers can create interactive displays at events and exhibitions. Visitors can reveal vital information like QR codes by peeling off the top layer.

5. Pharmaceutics:

The medicine we buy almost always includes important literature. This literature contains information on the dosage, contraindications, and side effects. Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies use multi-layer/double-sided stickers to display all important information.

6. Stationery and craft projects:

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers are also famous for use in stationery and craft projects. You can use these stickers to create custom designs.  Multi-layer stickers add a decorative element to cards, scrapbooks, and other craft projects.

These are some of the possible usages of multi-layer/double-sided stickers. You can create a personalised sticker that takes your product to the next level. The only limit is your imagination.

We know now all about the various applications of Multi-layer stickers. But what are the advantages of using Multi-layer/double-sided stickers?


Benefits of Multi-layer/double-sided stickers

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers have a broader range of applications than conventional single-sided stickers. The benefits of using Multi-layer stickers outweigh those of the traditional single-sided sticker. Let’s look at some advantages of using multi-layer/double-sided stickers.

1. Versatility: 

You can use multi-layer/double-sided stickers for all sorts of purposes. Some common applications include packaging, printing, automotive, construction, and many other industries.

2. Durability:

These stickers use high-quality materials. Multi-layer/double-sided stickers resist wear and tear from weather and environmental conditions.

3. Ease of use:

Applying a multi-layer sticker is easy and quick. This simple process needs no special tools or equipment.


4. Customizability:

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers are available in various sizes, shapes, colours, and designs. Their customizability allows multi-layer stickers to fit specific applications and branding needs.

5. Aesthetically pleasing:

Multi-layer/double-sided stickers have top-notch graphics and designs, pleasing the consumer’s eyes. This makes them perfect for promotions, branding, and advertising.

All these reasons establish that multi-layer stickers will definitely boost your business. Now that we’re familiar with the advantages of multi-layer stickers, we can move on to their types.


Types of multi-layer/double-sided stickers.

Printing companies offer customers various designs and styles to create customised multi-layer stickers. The layers can be single or double-sided. This feature allows customers to create fun and interactive stickers for their consumers.

Let’s look at some types of multi-layer/double-sided stickers available in the market.

1. Synthetic + Double layer.

A simple two-layered sticker with a peelable layer on top of a regular bottom layer.

2. Double-layer grey glue sticker

Generally, stickers have some degree of translucency. When two layers are stacked together, the content of the second layer can be slightly visible. However, using grey adhesive can effectively cover up the second layer so it cannot be seen. 

Usually, the grey adhesive double-layer stickers have a QR code on the second layer that can be exchanged for rewards, to prevent theft or fraud.

3. Thermal induction logistics labels

Also known as thermal transfer logistics labels. These labels consist of a heat-sensitive thermal transfer material. The thermal print head heats the material and transfers the ink to the label. This heat creates a durable print resistant to smudging, fading, and abrasion.

Thermal induction logistics labels can also withstand extreme temperatures and moisture. This durability makes them perfect for logistics and transportation industry labelling material.

4. Double layer + three side printing

These are stickers with two layers. There is Printing on the bottom sticker and on both sides of the top sticker.

5. Three-layer sticker

Sticker with three layers. The top layers and the ones between can have a single or double-sided print.

6. Four-layer sticker

Sticker with four layers. The top layers and the ones between can have a single or double-sided print.

These are the common types of multi-layer/double-sided stickers being used nowadays. Some companies offer more customised stickers with extra layers or other layer designs.


Where to buy multi-layer/double-sided stickers from?

There are many companies that provide multi-layer/double-sided stickers. But all companies have different standards and product quality. You should always Buy vital labels from reliable companies rather. One such authentic source is Chun Yang Special Print Co.

Chun Yang Special Print Co. is a Taiwanese printing company specialising in label printing services. They take pride in creating customised stickers that assure quality and customer satisfaction. Contact Chun Yang Special Print Co. today for top-grade customised multi-layer/double-sided stickers.



By now, you should have a good understanding of multi-layer stickers.  We’ve reviewed their benefits, uses, and available types. We have also provided you with a reliable source to buy these stickers. We hope this information has been helpful in guiding your decision. Thank you for reading! 

Share this guide with anyone interested in using multi-layer stickers for their products.



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